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MRE Entertainment/Universal Music Group/Ingrooves Music Group

UMPG/Ingrooves Music Publishing/Symphonic/Ten Cent

GT Distribution/Empire



The Baron of The Bay

Ice Dogg is " The Baron of the Bay " and formerly of " THA M.O.B.B. " are platinum selling artists with their hit " Never Trust Them Hoes" which is now a collectors' item.

Selling over 500k copies of the album put them on the road with acts like " E40, Richie Rich, Luther Campbell, Jay-o Felony, The Click and many, many more.

Ice Dogg is a MC, Rapper, Hip-hop, Producer, Composer, Arranger and the ultimate showman.

CEO of PISM Entertainment and Shady 80 Graphix's

there's nothing that Ice Dogg can't fix in the mix

when he's working with artists like Lil Gunji, Guave, Brotha B, Cuzn Dee, Kenny Maxx, Bainy Shane, Leggs Diamond.

Producing and working with artists such as: Xymphoni, The Steppen Stones, Bishop L. E. Franklin, Fillmore Slim, The Whispers, and Rey T.

He signed with Prime USA Records and Blue Pie Distribution releasing two cd's entitled " Jalen Thorne & Clandestine producing the hits " Unerground Stock Market, Ain't Nothin To A Boss, Becuz ov yoo and What more can I say ".

Ice Dogg constantly working and producing new tracks with various artists has help put the Bay Area on the map and is not by no means finished carving his name into the ledger of great artists that Cali has given birth to.

He's definitely part of the Royalty that the Bay Area has dubbed for greatness, so kneel 'Ice Dogg " and arise " The Baron Of The Bay "


Because Ov Yoo


What More Can I Say

Ice Dogg


Price: $12.00

Ice Dogg

Ice Dogg

Jalen Thorne

Price: $12.00

Ice Dogg

For more information on Ice Dogg or for Booking Purposes

Call tophat Booking and Management Agency

Ask for Rose Edward or Ayyub Nasir

at: 1-707-646-1645 or 1-510-406-7213